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Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

4 room cleaning


One-time requests

pick 4 rooms for a basic cleaning

can not be combined with any other offer an if lost or stolen  none refundable.

Bathroom, Bedroom, Livingroom, Kitchen

is the most comin.

offer expires with in 30 days of sale.

halls and stairs are rooms also.

 if a gift put persons down for the card. 

4 room cleaning

up to 6 room cleaning


One-time requests

Best Package Offer

have up to 6 rooms basic cleaning 

can not be combined with any other offer

expires with 60days of sale

up to 6 rooms

biweekly Service


Per biweekly under 1200 sqft contract for 6 months

Best for General Upkeep

1.5 hr session

basic cleaning for the home. 

in contract with card for weekly and for 6 months. fees are added if not home or canceled before end date

biweekly cleaning

move out cleaning


move out for under 1500 sqft contract 

Best for Busy Homes

move out or in cleaning

have a basic cleaning for a move out or move  in. 

basic cleaning will be done all needed deep is a addon for info please ask..

if any added work from the basic cleaning is added. any deep cleaning is added cost that has to be added before cleaning dates

dust mop vacuum bath and kitchen cleaning of the home 

there is no  bed making, dishes, or origination done 

just cleaning.  not keeping of a home.

monthly cleaning