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Cleaning the home

1) Dusting the frames that we are able to reach

2) Dusting door frames that we are able to reach

3) Dusting the items in the home that we are able to reach

4) Dusting the fans that we are able to reach

5) Put glass cleaner on glass items that are as needed that we are able to reach

6) Wipe down items that are needed to be wiped down

7) Sweep and or mop the floors

8) Vacuum the floors that we are able to get.

9)Wipe down the homes doors and outlets that that we are able to reach

Plus others that are not listed based on the home, owner likes. Every home, owner is different. This is just a light list of the cleaning that is offered.

Cleaning the kitchen

1) Wipe down the cabinets that we are able to reach

2) WIPE DOWN THE APPLIANCE on the outside (inside for a fee)

3) Wipe down the inside of the sink that we are able to clean

4) Sweep, dust, mop, and/or vacuum the Floor that we are able to reach.

Cleaning the bathroom

1) Cleaning the inside and out of a shower/bath

2) wiping down the walls that we area able to reach

3) wiping down the counter ( if there are to many items to move we will ask to have the place cleared to not have any items broken) were we can reach

4) clean the inside and outside of the toilet if we are able to wipe the wall by we could.

5) sweep, dust, vacuum, mop the floor that we are able to reach.

Extras offers

1) Window cleaning on outside by subs

2) Carpet cleaning by subs.

3) Hauling away items. Done myself or sub.

4) Handyman work by subs.

Move out cleaning list

1)Wipe in and out of cabinets

2)Wipe down walls

3)Dust baseboards that we are able to reach

4)Clean bathrooms

5)Clean kitchen.

also other items not listed

Most places we do make offers to get the home in a good clean condition. EVERY HOME AND OWNER IS DIFFERENT.

We wish you a happy clean home. If there is something not listed on our listing most of the time please ask about it. We have so many things that we offer that we can not place all of them.

[email protected] OR CALL,TEXT (805)234-6326